October 16, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – Stick A Bird On It

ww 1


ww 2


ww 3


ww 4


ww 5

October 15, 2013

Craft Juice Tuesday

Finds from Craft Juice!

cj 1


Such a bright and pretty hair clip – perfect as a stocking filler! Get it from Myfanwysmakes.

cj 2


These cards aren’t overtly Christmassy and I like that! Get these cards from Di Keeble.

cj 3


I love Harris Tweed and the colours of this gadget cover from Whimsy Woo Designs are gorgeous!



As well as being pretty, these tree decorations from Beledien Handmade will make your home smell nice as they have cinnamon sticks as the tree trunks!



Winter is coming in the Northern Hemisphere and you can make yourself much cosier with these lovely boot cuffs from Dave’s Crafts.

October 14, 2013

Crochet goodness

I think this is my first Christmas post of this year – I know it’s still only October but I wanted to give a heads up for those who crochet and might want to make some of these cute designs as Christmas presents.



And the best bit is that the book has the poem ‘The Night Before Christmas’ included in it along with patterns for cute creatures. This include Santa Claus, a mouse and a Christmas tree among many others. There are instructions on how to make the amigurumi creatures so it would be perfect for older children who want to learn to crochet.

October 11, 2013

Flickr Friday

mos 1

1. A Princess for Lucy – Uma Princesa para a Lucy, 2. Pintuck Pouch (Tiny), 3. My creation, 4. Bolsinha Bike

mos 2


1. New 8-Bit Set, 2. Wool Felt Daisy Pincushion, 3. Flower, 4. Book Pincushion

October 10, 2013

Heart Home magazine

The new issue of online magazine Heart Home is out now – lovely for a bit of browsing while having a cup of tea (or coffee!)








October 9, 2013

Wordless Wednesday – Dig The Earth

d 1


d 2


d 3


d 4


d 5

October 8, 2013

New Retrash Giveaway

I posted the first Retrash giveaway last week and I’m sharing this one too as you can win some upcycled gift tags my by yours truly (under my alter ego Swirlyarts!) as well as some other gorgeous upcycled items.





October 7, 2013

Egg Press Holiday cards

Getting organised for Christmas this year? If so then check out Egg Press who are offering 20% off holiday cards bought in October.

egg 1

egg 2

egg 3

egg 4

egg 5


October 4, 2013

Flickr Friday

mos 1

1. Mushroom Snail, 2. Daisy Needle Book, 3. Agenda 2014!, 4. Poisonous Mushrooms

mos 2


1. Squirrel Watercolor painting, 2. Love, 3. Abajur Route 66, 4. Coruja ♥

October 3, 2013


Black and white are such a classic colour combination so get ready to indulge in some monochrome goodness from Polkadottydolls.

p 1


How beautiful is this OOAK plush? I love it’s eyes!

p 2


Want to add something to a room but it needs to be small child friendly? Try this framed picture.

p 3


p 4


My favourite things though are the dolls. So cute!




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